Water Damage Restoration Service

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Nix Professional Restoration will respond immediately to any water threat: from pipe leaks to drain line back up, from roof leaks to overflowing toilets. Our complete water damage restoration services include removal of standing water, debris and drying of all surfaces including walls, cabinets and floors. Nix Professional Restoration service is available 24/7 and our response is prompt; the typical on scene response time is well within two hours.

We understand how troubling water damage can be to your valued property and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. When it comes to restoring our customers’ properties back to their pre-loss condition, our experienced and professional team will walk you through the process. We take every step to thoroughly assess your damages and plan with you so that you know what your options are.

Failure to quickly and adequately remove water, flooding does not only wreck your house but also damage your prized possessions. When you respond in good time, you can save many items such as furniture from total damage. Our recommendation is to not ignore even as little as an inch deep of water because the dampness provides a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. We provide water damage restoration services, flood clean up and repairs to your home with a team of highly dedicated and trained specialists that respond to such emergencies fast. nix professional restoration water damage cleanupWith our advanced equipment & expertly trained staff, we can detect moisture, we extract the water, thoroughly clean the house and the belongings. We finish the job by sanitizing and applying deodorants for a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. Unfortunately there is little you can do to prevent the cause of flooding, however, how you respond to its effects is crucial. It is advisable first to contact your insurance provider and communicate the extent of the damage.

Take Action Now by Following These Important Steps

water damage restoration services

  1. Stop The Source of Water: The water should be shut of from the main line at the house until a plumber can locate and repair the leak.
  2. Protect Yourself from Electrical Shock: So protect your family first. Locate your electric panel, turn off outlet breakers.  Most often you will find the breaker panel on the exterior garage wall between your home and your neighbors’.
  3. Furniture Moving: Once you are safe from danger, call our 24 hour emergency service hotline. Our emergency crews will carefully remove furniture for the affected areas and protect with plastic.  Prior to our arrival, light furniture and nick knacks should be moved to an unaffected area.  Place aluminum foil or plastic under each leg to protect unaffected flooring from furniture stain that can bleed and cause a permanent damage.
  4. Moisture Detection: We will use moisture sensing tools to track and  locate the extent of damage. Often water will flow into hidden areas behind baseboards, walls and through, carpet, pad and various other flooring materials that you may not be aware of.  Our emergency crew will locate and set up an appropriate drying process to address all of these concerns.
  5. Risk Assessment Associated With Asbestos And Lead: Homes built prior to 1978 may have lead in paint and asbestos in various building materials.  We will take the appropriate steps to identify and remove these hazardous materials safely and responsibly.
  6. Contents and Area Protection: Protecting your contents and living space from dust and debris is a priority. Plastic will be used to protect non affected areas from dust and debris.
  7. water damage repairRemove Wet Materials:Depending on the water source, most wet materials will be removed and bagged for disposal.  Professional assessment is used to determine what is appropriate.  All standing water is extracted and properly disposed of.
  8. Removal of Bagged Debris: All demo debris will be removed from the property and properly disposed of.  Our crew will clean and vacuum the area leaving it as mess-free as reasonably possible.
  9. Treat Affected Areas With Disinfectant As Appropriate: We request your permission and will provide you a material safety data sheet (MSDS) prior to application of disinfectants.
  10. Equipment Set Up, Run 24/7: The equipment is designed to run throughout the entire drying process.  Turning off the equipment or not contacting us should the equipment turn off for no apparent reason will extend the drying process. Please contact our office if any equipment malfunctions or a circuit breaker trips. PLEASE KEEP CHILDREN AND PETS AWAY FROM THE AREA AT ALL TIMES.
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