Ep. 1 – Diana Phillips

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Diana Phillips, Founder of Golden  Coast Property Management, recommends her clients who are away from home let her company check their home weekly, saying a broken pipe could flood a house overnight.

“Things could get totally out of hand,” says Diana, who also talks about other potential disasters and specific ones homeowners themselves can prevent.

You can contact Diana at 760-328-8860.

You’ve been listening to Kurt Nix, Founder of Nix Professional Restoration Services. For over 35 years we specialized in providing emergency services for any kind of WATER  damage from a pipe break, or water flow or FIRE damage where you need board ups and  emergency cleaning or certified MOLD remediation specialists.

Restoring HOPE, Rebuilding Families with Kurt Nix CLICK HERE to schedule your Complimentary Consultation.

NIX Professional Restoration


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